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The thing about idiots is that they don't know they're idiots. Which is why it's so easy for me to sleep at night.
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The production of Big Brother gave Frankie a letter from home informing him that Grandpa Grande has passed away.

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thank you for your continuous love & light over the past few weeks… we did lose my favorite person to ever exist yesterday, my grandpa :’(

if only y’all knew how amazing he was.. my heart hurts so much. It’s beyond broken :’( but I got to hold his hand and watch him find his peace

this is the hardest thing imaginable but I’m so grateful that I got to spend this time with him & my family. taking care of him & loving him

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Reblog if Miley Cyrus is beautiful

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Ariana’s grandfather has passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Grande family at this time.

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