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The thing about idiots is that they don't know they're idiots. Which is why it's so easy for me to sleep at night.

 I just wanted to say that im so proud of miley , although she lost her favourite dog Floyd , instead of cancelling her shows she didint do it. she went up on that stage like a motherfucking diva and rocked that stage. She did all that for her smilers , she didnt want to disappoint them . she is going through a tough time now , but she will get over it  .even that Floyd will be in her heart forever. Floyd was with her for almost three years , she lost Lila one year and four months ago and Ziggy who went to a Spot dog rescue and lost liam too . all the things she had loved the most .

As a smiler my heart is broken watching her crying and suffering . but as i know miley , as we all are , she will get better and we will be able to see her beautiful smile again

  #StayStrongMiley #RIPFloyd

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